About the instructor Arvindh Krishnaswamy:

Arvindh is an FAA certified flight instructor (CFI) specializing in teaching helicopters. He started flying airplanes in 1998, here in the SF bay area, one of the most beautiful places in the world to fly. 

He enjoys both basic Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flying as well as Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flights in modern, technologically advanced, "glass-cockpit" aircraft. He can train you for the private pilot, instrument pilot, commercial pilot and airline transport pilot ratings, and, most important of all, make you a safe, smart and skilled pilot. 

He's also a musician, and, in a previous incarnation, he enjoyed teaching people the fine art of the violin, which, like the helicopter, needs finesse, practice and dedication to master. 

Arvindh has degrees in physics from Caltech and in electrical engineering (digital signal processing and audio technology) from Stanford. When he's not flying, he also works for a well-known, hi-tech company in Cupertino.