Discovery Flight

People who want to try a flight lesson in a helicopter, just to see how they like it, should sign up for a discovery flight - you will get to fly a helicopter! 

This "lesson" will include a 30 min safety briefing and introduction to the helicopter flight controls, and ~ 45 min of flying. A pilot logbook will be issued if you don't have one already, and all this time counts towards FAA pilot certificates. 

We will go across the bay, passing the Leslie Salt ponds and Mission Peak, to a beautiful, scenic area near Sunol Regional Wilderness and Calaveras reservoir. There, we will perform a pinnacle approach and landing on a rural hilltop, as well as a confined area landing inside a canyon. Other maneuvers such as hovering and autorotative gliding will be introduced. 
In addition to the instructor and the student pilot, two more observers can ride along in the back seats for this fun ride.